Top 10 Gluten-Free Sites

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Top 10 Gluten-Free Sites

Whether you’re new to gluten-free and just learning the ropes, or you’re practically a professional by now, baking your own bread, even whipping up gluten-free dinner parties, these sites can help manage your gluten-free life.

Here are some of my favorite gluten-free resources:

  • Gluten Free Fox: Besides the weekly articles and gluten-free test videos, Gluten Free Fox is also home to the original Gluten Free Search Engine. Simply type in your search terms (no need to type in “gluten free”) and sort by recipes, restaurants, products, blogs, awareness and events.
  • Celiac: Still one of the best and earliest online resources for those living gluten-free, is home to an endless supply of articles, recipes and forum topics.
  • Gluten Free Girl: This gluten-free chef creates magic in her kitchen. With her blog comes beautiful photos, mouth-watering recipes and daily inspiration.
  • Gluten Free Goddess: A brilliant chef and graphic artist, Karina shares her culinary masterpieces for you to enjoy.
  • Gluten Free Post: Written by Jay Thurston, an active member of the gluten-free community, GFP is an excellent online resource for gluten-free news, product reviews and expert videos featuring renowned gluten-doctor Dr. Vikki Petersen.
  • Celiac Chicks: An excellent resource for dining gluten-free in NYC, also featuring guest posts from around the world. Celiac Chick Kelly has been living gluten-free quite fabulously for years now and is a very active member of the community, so has quite a lot of information to offer.
  • Gluten Free Mommy: This user-friendly, recipe site serves up tasty recipes that even you kids can enjoy!
  • Elana’s Pantry: Elana offers healthier and low sugar recipes that will give your taste buds quite a stir!
  • Twitter: Social networking is quickly becoming an excellent way for those living gluten-free to connect. A simple search using hashtags #gf or #glutenfree will pull up all the latest gluten-free topics.
  • Naturally Dah’ling: For many of us who are gluten sensitive, topical products can also be a source of irritating gluten. Products that actually contact mucus membranes (such as eye liner and lipstick) should definitely be gluten-free, but for many of us, even shampoos and foundations must be purchased in gluten-free varieties. Since most companies don’t label cosmetic products for gluten, Naturally Dah’ling does the work for you, listing safe, gluten-free products.

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