About Us

Kristen Campbell and Waylon

My gluten and casein (milk protein) intolerances were diagnosed nearly a decade ago. And shortly after my diagnosis, I just happened to adopted Waylon (the Wonder Dog) who was very, very ill until his incredibly patient vet helped me to uncover Waylon’s doggie gluten-intolerance.

Years after realizing that just a few tweaks of my diet led to my feeling better than I had in ages, I began following my own version of a Paleo diet–before I knew what a Paleo diet even was. Since then I have tried GAPS, veganism, Eat Right for Your Type, and a very strict version of the Paleo diet. I am always on the search for new ways of achieving optimal health through food, but I always adhere to a gluten and dairy free diet, and always come back to my own modified Paleo.

It takes time and attention to notice how to best nourish your beautiful body with the right foods. So thank you for joining me along this journey as we continue to uncover ways of eating to feel our best.

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