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Co-founders, Taylor and Kristen

Taylor was instrumental in my diagnosis. A total health-nut, he was actually the one who found an article which mentioned many of my plaguing symptoms (acid stomach, digestive trauma, migraines, acne breakouts) which opened the doorway to my ultimate diagnosis of a severe gluten intolerance, as well as casein intolerance.

We've been in it together since day one, researching recipes and safe-for-me products. And you could say that Taylor is gluten and casein free by association. We're always looking for great new snacks, skin care items and travel-friendly foods.

Taylor is a renowned internet marketing manager and consultant, I am the author/creator of We are both passionnate about healthy living and spreading awareness of gluten-sensitivity. So it is with great excitement that we created Gluten Free Fox, the world's first gluten-free search engine, to help others like us find the most accurate and useful information to living a healthy, happy, gluten-free lifestyle.



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